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We believe urgent questions concerning A.I. and the future of humanity require interdisciplinary collaboration to be solved. Hence, we've created Galaxies to foster a diverse community of experts and students. By encouraging participation in our forum, we hope to tear down walls separating intellectual communities, and cultivate a varied "universe" of discourse, through which our understanding of incipient and imminent A.I. technologies may be enriched.

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This is the home channel. Introduce yourself to other members of the HUMAC community. Meet the discussion moderators. Share articles and ideas for future A.I. discussion topics.




Can A.I. have emotion? If so, how might emotion be 'programmed'? Should we avoid imbuing A.I. with certain kinds of emotions, e.g. shame, anger, contempt? What are the implications of an emotional A.I.? For example, does A.I. that experiences grief and happiness have rights? Is it inappropriate to treat A.I. as mere technology once it has emotions?



How might A.I. be used to promote radical longevity? Does it have potential in anti-aging drug design, or in analyzing the human genome to forestall disease? Is it possible to preserve the human consciousness in computer code? What problems for distributive justice arise in developing technologies to lengthen human life?


Who or what bears legal responsibility when A.I. errs? Is it the manufacturer? The consumer? Do we hold technology accountable for its correctly executed but unforeseen, undesirable outcomes? If so, what does holding technology accountable look like?



Where does A.I. belong in education? What is the effect of using A.I. technology to reform the delivery of education? To what extent should the basics of A.I. be taught in K-12 classrooms given its growing impact on society? Should computer science be introduced to students at a younger age?



How does A.I. figure into our art and culture? What questions have been triggered by recent films and TV shows, books, music, and visual art? Is it possible for a machine algorithm to be artistic? Are there aspects of human creativity that can never be emulated by A.I.? Might artistry be the ultimate Turing Test for machine intelligence?